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My name is Tammy Atchley. I am a victim and survivor of teen bullying. My confidence and self-esteem were non-existent. I have often felt that sharing my story, my feelings and the steps I have taken to turn my life around could help others do the same.

Writing, "Bullying My Story, 5 steps to overcome the effects of bullying and gain back your confidence and self-esteem," has been monumentally therapeutic for me. It has sparked a life path for me that I didn't even know was there. (Release date Fall/Winter of 2017)

As an aspiring Author, Speaker, Coach and Workshop Host, My desire is to help those that have gone through similar experiences.

I will soon be a part of a collaboration of authors in "Are YOU the Missing Piece? Don't Leave a Hole in the World, Journal with International Best-Selling Authors to Change Lives Across the Globe." (To be published in October of 2017.)

I decide my own value and worth!

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